They met when she was 14-years-old and he was 16; living in a small agricultural town.  Grady hung around Sharlene's house because he was best friends with her older brother.  As they both grew older, Grady continued to go over to Sharlene's house, but soon began to pay more attention to Sharlene, and on her 16th birthday asked her out on her first date; they've been a couple ever since!  After High School graduation, Sharlene finished a Dental Assisting program, Grady went into the U.S. Air Force and they married in 1988. 

After several years and many moves, they relocated to the Ogden area in 1995 when Grady received military orders to Hill AFB.  Within a couple years, Grady separated from active duty Air Force.  While they remained at Hill AFB, Grady began a civil service and U.S. Air Force Reserve career.  During this time, Sharlene operated an in-home day care, transcribed medical records then transitioned over to become an office administrator for the past 13 years. During all the moves with the military and changing of careers, etc. they raised a family of three; two sons and one daughter.  In 2018, after their son proposed to his girlfriend, the wedding preparations soon began. The excitement of looking at all the various decorations and putting it all together was something they enjoyed. It was after their son's wedding they discussed starting a family business to offer a collection of various decor items.